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"What I gain from being an educator was to feel a little hope about our future as community, as people. Working with youth has made me aware that they are young minds who cares about different things and tries to make things right. That feeling encourage me to keep doing my part and teach as more youth that I can, to spread that hope to everyone."
– Daniel Gutierrez, Educator, Uruguay
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What is Adobe Youth Voices?

The Adobe Youth Voices program ignites young people’s Creative Confidence – the ability to harness creative skills to solve problems – through the power of digital storytelling. TakingITGlobal is delivering this innovative program to prepare young people to develop original multimedia artwork that highlights issues they care about, identifies solutions, and fosters critical creative skills and a passion to make a difference.

Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence is a term used by leading thinkers in the creativity and education to describe the ability to harness creativity to solve problems. Our mission is to ignite creative confidence in youth and to empower them to find their voice and make it heard. The mission of the program is to support youth to develop specific Creative Confidence skills such as self-expression, ideation, collaboration, flexibility, and persistence. We believe that with greater creativity, and a greater belief in their own abilities, young people will be more engaged in their education and better prepared for a rapidly changing global economy.

Where Youth Apply Their Creative Confidence:

  • Education: Creating opportunities for youth to apply creativity and passion to their learning.
  • Community: Inspiring youth to make their voices heard on issues that impact their world.
  • Career: Encouraging youth to map new skills and interests to future career paths.

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